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This site contains a collection of open source and GNU (R) software packages built for AIX 6, and AIX 7.
Some of these packages (like GCC and GCC-related) have one package per AIX version but in most cases, a package built for an AIX release will also run on upper releases. We are currently building mainly on AIX 6.1.
Packages for AIX N do not run on lower versions (e.g. packages for AIX 7.1 do not run on AIX 6.1 or on 5.3).

The Open Source Packages for AIX will help compiling and packaging Linux applications on AIX systems, developing new applications for AIX using the GNU environment, and running popular software provided in Linux distributions such as:

  • Web : Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python (2 and 3), Ruby, Memcached, Squid, ...
  • Development : gcc, gdb, Tcl/Tk, autoconf, automake, libtool and some utilities : bash2, coreutils, binutils, tar, cpio, patch, ...
  • Strategic applications : rpm, db, window managers, libraries, graphic applications...
These packages also provide a set of tools both for Linux appplication developers and Linux system administrators.
All packages are built using the RPM format.

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